The Many Benefits of a Shed

The Many Benefits of a Shed - SM Garden Sheds

The Many Benefits of a Shed

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David Cameron certainly loves his sheds! Not only did he invest a fair amount of money into buying a shed in 2017 [naming it the ‘shepherd’s hut’], he obviously felt it worked for him. He bought his original shed as a writer’s sanctuary, to sit near his Cotswolds home, and in so doing joined a growing body of people who use their shed as a personal space. Sheds these days can be fitted with all the comforts of home, including heating, lighting and even wifi. There is no limit to the variety of pastimes and activities offered within these peaceful, quiet places.

Many well known personalities and celebrities in all walks of life including entertainers, writers, artists, musicians and of course ex politicians, regularly extol the virtues of having their own individual, secluded shed to relax in. Some of their partners are probably pretty happy about them too!!

Second Shed

It seems David Cameron cannot get enough of his outdoor escape hut complete with sofa bed and wood burning stove, as he has now purchased a further shed. This time it is to be placed near his £2 million Cornish clifftop getaway, and similar to the first shed, the specially designed building set him back around £25,000. The new shed resembles the first cabin, and is based on a traditional gypsy caravan design fitted with iron wheels. Mr Cameron stated that writing his memoirs is a little more difficult than he had envisaged, but that the shed definitely helps!

Sheds seem to satisfy needs at opposite ends of the spectrum, providing a solitary solution or as in the case of Men’s Sheds a social network to improve mental and physical health. Men’s Sheds are popping up all over the UK and farther afield, allowing older men to get out of the house, and meet like minded souls, chat, laugh and carry out tasks or hobbies. The benefits of this concept are endless, and can transform people’s lives for the better.

Incidentally, in case you didn’t know, they can also be used for storage!!

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