It is some time since we have written on this website as over the last weeks and months, has gone through fundamental changes. For those who have visited our website in the past, you will know that the look of the site is now very different from before. We are now embarking on the second phase of our development which involves keeping all our customers better informed in what is going on behind the images and sales material.

The LOTUS METAL SHED RANGE has been a feature in our offer for about 5 years, achieving remarkable increases in popularity, but for about 12 months, from mid 2018, we suffered severe disruption in our supply. The worldwide demand for this shed (which commenced with us in UK) exploded to the point that the factory initially engaged to manufacture was unable to cope. Rather than attempting to seek greater capacity from elsewhere, they attempted to achieve organic growth from within but failed to maintain quality standards. It became obvious to us that we needed to engage another factory but to do so involved massive capital investment, research and development of new machinery and staff training. To maintain the standard of a product which has aspirations to be at the top of its game, such new developments can take many years to achieve. However, from the time we started to make the change it took about 11 months to see the first production from a new factory.

You will see from this illustration how we differentiate from many of the rest in all areas of design and quality but taken as a whole, there is no other which incorporates all the features into one building.

We also took the opportunity, with the factory now in full production, to look at the general design and decided that cream trimming was making the product look too ‘traditional’. All models in this particular range are now single colour and with the introduction and expansion of the choice of ANTHRACITE GREY with the best-selling HERITAGE GREEN, the product now really looks the part!

There are no short cuts in the detailed and precise nature of the manufacturing required and we have introduced many amendments in procedures to improve the finished article. In the initial deliveries we found certain areas, particularly in packaging, which needed further attention. These have been rectified and we are now completely confident that the storage boxes, sheds and garages resume as the best light clad metal storage product offer in the market today; AND at a price competing with many others of lesser quality.

We have also considered our product selection.

While we have reduced some of the sizes of apex sheds there is a new model.


The LOTUS DOUBLE HINGED DOOR/MOBILITY SCOOTER SHED was introduced a few weeks ago, after receiving numerous enquiries as to whether we were able to make such a model available. It is offered in both green and grey options. Most other models in this category are made from thicker steel and are very much more expensive. This is a robust building, easy to construct (with all hinged doors arriving assembled) providing cover from the elements. Our initial deliveries sold out before the stock arrived! We now have new deliveries in stock!

We look to 2020 with great optimism. We see a more stable political/economic backdrop and we have one of the best metal shed ranges in the business.


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