Saffron StoreAway Horizontal Shed 1200L Arc Lid

Bring unbeatable outdoor storage to your home with the DuraMax StoreAway Storage Box. A large storage box with an impressive interior capacity of 1200 litres, this premium storage box can be used for wheelie bins, barbecues, garden furniture - and much, much more! Easy access is provided by double doors and an opening arc lid. Finished in a sleek grey woodgrain exterior.

StoreAway 1200L - Arc Lid


  • Huge 1200 litres (317 gallons) of internal space.
  • Unique woodgrain exterior and grey finish.
  • Lockable double doors with a sloped threshold.
  • Easy-opening independent arc lid with hydraulic pistons.
  • Made from high-quality, durable modern plastic.
  • Fully weatherproof and resistant to insects, rust, rot and mildew.
  • Can safely store two wheelie bins with integrated chains for lids.
  • L:82.5cm x W:145cm x H:125cm
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy the Duramax StoreAway Horizontal Shed?

Generous Capacity
Generous Capacity

Organise with ease in one vast and easy-access location

Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your items are well-protected

Modern Durability
Modern Durability

The robust materials ensure lasting strength

Versatile Storage
Versatile Storage

A flexible solution to keep your outdoor space organised

More About the DuraMax StoreAway...

If you’ve been looking for reliable, spacious garden storage that can be used to protect all sorts of outdoor objects, then the StoreAway is the solution you’ve been seeking. A large storage container with an impressive interior capacity of up to 1200 litres and both horizontal and vertical access points, this attractive storage box has been designed to provide outdoor storage that is easy to use and hard to fill!

Multi-functional Storage and Features

The StoreAway excels at giving you functional, multipurpose storage in your garden space. Whether you’re looking to hide your wheelie bins, keep your barbecue out of harm's way, or just store some garden furniture over the winter months, the StoreAway can accommodate it. 

Wheeled items like BBQs and bins are especially easy to put in (or bring out) thanks to the sloped threshold, while bins can take advantage of the chains hanging from the arc lid which can be attached to the bin lids for automatic opening and closing when you access the StoreAway.

Accessible Doors

Using this storage box is simple with its two different door entries: the piston-operated arc lid which gives you vertical access to the interior and the wide-opening double doors which provide horizontal access to the unit. The lower double doors make it easy to store large items such as furniture, barbecues and bins, while the top door gives quick, easy accessibility to the unit as a whole.

Sleek, Durable Finish

No matter the weather, the StoreAway will keep your items safe thanks to its modern plastic materials that are weatherproof and resistant to rot, rust, mildew and insect infestation. Alongside this durability, the wood-like Cedargrain finish and contemporary grey colour mean the StoreAway will look smart and fit naturally into a modern garden space.

Width 145cm
Depth 82.5cm
Height 125cm
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.