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Simply Good Quality And Great Service

High Quality, Low Maintenance Range of Metal & Plastic Sheds

A spring season will ultimately arrive after the ‘Beast from the East’ when we think about venturing outside into our gardens. It has been a miserable winter with the wettest October on record and a long spell of cold and damp weather.
It may have been weeks, if not the whole winter since the shed was inspected. It is almost like an adventure into the unknown!

If the shed is timber, there will be cobwebs and a distinct odour of damp. If the timber has not been treated, as it has absorbed vast quantities of condensation, the first consideration will be if it requires to be dried out, a new weather coating and a trip to the DIY centre for a tin of an acidic liquid and a paint brush! If it is plastic or metal, there may be some dampness but all that will be required will be a sweep up, tidy up, a wipe and a few sprays of WD40! The choice of what any customer likes is their prerogative.

SMGARDENSHEDS.COM carries the STORE MORE range of metal and plastic storage which presents in one place a website where you can compare from a multitude of different products, all of which are held in stock by us or are very near to be delivered into our warehouse. It is the widest choice offered in the garden industry from one source. In this series of articles we will focus on all the major ranges and the journey towards a reputation for quality and value.

Durable Light Clad Metal Sheds from Reputable Manufacturers

In the field of light clad metal sheds we have set a benchmark with the exclusive development of the LOTUS range of storage. This has highlighted that quality and durability are increasingly a major concern for customers than ever before. It is now more the deliberation of established manufacturers around the world to upgrade their quality as they have realised that ‘de-specing’ in an effort to reduce price has reduced quality to a standard below what is acceptable.
Even some of the long established and well known brands who supply some of our biggest retail names are bullied into retaining poor quality by reason of an unwillingness to pay a price. As many of the these giant concerns have only a very diluted knowledge of the product, their decision making process is driven by price. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys; and that is exactly what is being offered by these ‘economic’ brands.

This year we will introduce a new range to compliment our already extensive portfolio. Based on an established design from a leading world manufacturer, the SAPPHIRE RANGE of metal sheds offered in GREEN and ANTHRACITE will present a new look.

Wide Choice of Shed Options, Variety of Sizes & Specifications

With LOTUS and SAPPHIRE running side by side, both made from heavier high tensile, hot-dipped galvanised steel, we will now offer two different ranges made from similar quality but with a different steel profile. The SAPPHIRE RANGE will add a new dimension to our listings of light clad metal sheds and enhance our reputation for offering the widest range and best value products in this category from one place.

The frontage sizes will remain the standard nominal sizes of 6, 8 and 10 foot with two variations in depth to each. Whilst some of the models do not present the same height, they do offer a very good looking garden shed with a different combination to the colour and trim. It is anticipated these sheds will go on pre-delivery sale in April when an opening offer will be published before reverting to the retail price.

Robust, Long Lasting Plastic Outdoor Storage Buildings

If we look at our offer on plastic storage, we have experienced remarkable growth in sales of larger buildings. This has been revealed mostly in the LIFETIME models where 10×8 and 15×8 are extremely popular. It is true to say that it is the heavier gauge buildings which sell better in larger sizes and as LIFETIME sheds are the best quality in this category the offer of larger plastic models must be the best!

We have therefore introduced two new models which are already, at a very early stage, showing signs of interest with extremely good opening sales. The 12.5×8 and the 17.5×8 (both single entrance) are new for 2018 alongside a new design of the 10×8 which is less expensive than its predecessor.
Later in the summer we will introduce the latest modification to the best selling bin/bike storage model, the STORAGE UNIT 6×3.5. At this end of the range the 7’ fronted models, commencing at 7×4.5 and 7×7 are now cheaper than before and the 7×9.5 and 7×12 provide further choice to this ever expanding range.

The manufacturing process produces a really high standard of finish and we are truly privileged to be able to offer these models to our customers. It is not just the quality of the compound used but the design with the moulding of double-walled plastic panels with heavy gauge powder coated steel.
Functional, Versatile & Attractive Garden Buildings

It is worthy of note that the garden buildings sector of products which are now available on line is massive and the customer has this extensive freedom of choice. However, the customer must be satisfied that the retailer they buy from is willing and capable of servicing their needs.

These days it is all too easy to request products to place in the shop window of the internet without going through the hard graft of examining the product, testing its feasibility against the competitors and providing the most comprehensive and accurate description with a full specification. Too many retailers now take short cuts and apply the old philosophy used by mail order catalogues of yester-year. They concentrate on making a pretty picture but they are short on the detail and depth of service. A garden shed is a considered purchase which is often a distinctive feature in a garden. It has to look the part and do the job. It should be purchased in an environment where the customer has confidence in the specialist qualifications of the retailer.

Independent Shed, Garage & Workshop Specialists, Competitive Prices

SMGARDEN SHEDS.COM has been in existence for nearly 40 years. We try and test all our products first as we are the specialists in this business. That is why our customers are in the privileged position of making their purchase from an organisation which is independent and actually knows about the product they are selling.

Our advice is to ensure that the customer pays a fair price having searched through as many websites as the patience will allow. After that process, if you choose a product from our range, stick with us as we look after our customers with advice, delivery and an after sales service which is accessible and efficient.

High Quality, Low Maintenance Range of Metal & Plastic Sheds,
Durable Light Clad Metal Sheds from Reputable Manufacturers. Wide Choice of Shed Options, Variety of Sizes & Specifications, Robust, Long Lasting Plastic Outdoor Storage Buildings. Functional, Versatile & Attractive Garden Buildings, Independent Shed, Garage & Workshop Specialists, Competitive Prices

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