The Health Benefits Of Becoming A Shedder

To some people, the humble garden shed is just a place to store your lawnmower and other garden tools. But to some people, it’s a way of life!

A “shedders’ community” is a space aimed at men who want to come together and get on with DIY, creative and community activities in a place that’s friendly and welcoming.

As well as providing a space in which to work on some practical jobs and develop new skills or hobbies, it’s also a place to make some new mates – and have some fun and a laugh, too. There are also plenty of health benefits, and this article will explore just how getting involved with your local shedders’ community could well turn your health around.

Impact On Physical Health

Many shedders’ communities meet in a designated local space, such as a community hall. The physical activity involved in getting to the place is a great starting point, but it’s when you get there that the real health benefits kick in.

While the hobbies and tasks that so-called “shedders” do together vary widely from location to location, there’s often a focus on manual hobbies like woodwork. Not only does this improve your hand-eye co-ordination and boost your concentration, this sort of task also keeps your fingers strong and can potentially even prevent arthritis.

Many shedders’ groups also go on excursions, too, which is a great way to get out and about and go on gentle walks, visits to other towns, and more. The benefits of exercise are numerous and can include everything from better heart health to improved sleep, so it’s well worth considering.

Mental Health Benefits

As we get older, it’s sometimes easy for habits like social interaction to reduce or slip away. We retire from work, children fly the nest, siblings and friends become pre-occupied with grandchildren or health concerns – and in some cases we may lose our partners.

In turn, this can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, as well as depression and anxiety in some people. It’s sometimes especially hard for men, too, because it may feel like there’s nowhere to turn.

With a community like the shedders on hand, though, you can take some steps towards making sure you keep on seeing people – and keeping those feelings of sadness or loneliness at bay.

And even if you’ve got an active social life already, why not add an extra layer to it by participating in your local shedding group? You never know: you may just find an extra group of good mates there.

Remember, shedders’ communities are made up of blokes just like you who fancy working on some projects and having a laugh together. It’s as simple as that!

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Choose The Right Type Of Shed For You

While some shedders choose to meet in locations like community halls, sometimes groups do meet in actual sheds!

In some cases, for example, the shed might be donated by a member of a local group who’s able to devote the space. Sheds like these come in all shapes and sizes, and range from plastic sheds made from flexible materials designed to cut down on maintenance time to metal sheds which are known for being proofed against all sorts of weather conditions.

No matter what the shape or type of shed your local group might happen to use, though, it’s a great way to ensure that all of the community are together under one roof. Provided that there’s enough room for everyone to work on their projects, the sort of shed your group has is likely to be perfect.

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