La Hacienda – Boston Steel Firepit (LIMITED STOCK)


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-Log grate

-Burns all solid fuels

-Powder coated stand

-Easy assembly

-Mesh safety cover

La Hacienda – Boston Steel Firepit

This Boston firepit in black steel is simple yet has an elegant design and is efficient way to add warmth and sophistication to your outdoor space. This firepit is made from steel which is then coated in high temperature matt black paint. All you have to do is just position the firepit in your preferred space on the patio, and then create a log fire on the log grate, position the protective mesh cover and sit back, relax and enjoy the roaring flames and warmth produced. This Boston firepit incorporates a large bowl surface with smooth curves, this] firepit is perfect for those looking for an impressive source of warmth for the outdoors. The firepit comes with a protective mesh lid to help keep floating embers within the unit – this is removed using the tool supplied to allow for easy refuelling when hot. This Boston firepit is even suitable for larger gardens and patios that desire an impressive garden heater. This firepit is far more elegant and sophisticated than a standard patio heater and produces just as much, if not more warmth. With this Boston firepit you can give your outdoor space warmth and a cosy feel.