‘-Easy filling via the Eco King Lids
-Fast composting
-Easy and convenient withdrawal of compost
-Usable all year round
-Made from 100% recycled material (PP)

Composter Eco-King 600L Green



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Composter Eco-King 600L Green

The Eco-King Composter is a quality made specifically designed ‘Rapido’ click-lock composter. It is quickly and easily constructed without the use of tools or fiddly pieces. Once constructed the Eco King Composter is easily accessible through two large filling lids and fully composted substrate is easily accessible through the specifically designed ‘compost removal lid’ at the bottom of the composter. The Eco King is made of durable plastic that both allows air circulation through specially positioned holes and maintains warmth within the compost through its insulating properties.

Composting guidelines suggest that the Eco King be placed in a wind sheltered area in direct sunlight. The Eco King should be placed directly onto soil or on a Garantia soil fence and NOT onto concrete, asphalt or similar synthetic surfaces. Being placed on a Garantia Soil Fence or directly onto the soil allows essential microorganisms to access the pre-compost substrate, these microorganisms then break down the leaves, twigs, grass cuttings etc down to form perfect compost.

The Eco King composter allows for year round composting with minimal effort. Not only does home composting create quality compost for use around the garden & home, it also allows you to cut down on degradable home waste and garden waste that would otherwise be sent to landfills.

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