‘-The Gladiator Plus 1 – rust resistant, strong, thick, galvanised steel – weatherproof storage.
-68 stone (433kg in weight) – the Gladiator Plus 1 is one of the heaviest Asgard sheds.
-Reinforced hinges – for strength and security.
-Reinforced panels – folded for strength.
-Reinforced doors – to prevent forced entry.
-Reinforced handle and lock system – preventing forced entry
-Police approved design – Secure by Design accreditation.
-LPCB to level 1 – tested by the Loss Prevention board.
-Supplied with a 10-Year Warranty. – quality, made in the UK.
-Hidden air vents around the unit – minimizes the build up of condensation inside your shed.
-Featuring a high quality 5 point shed locking system – designed for security.
-Pick resistant euro cylinder lock – also drill resistant.
-Supplied with 2 keys – More available from customer services.
-Electric mounting plate included – Fix electrics inside your shed for charging or powering tools.
-Reinforced double doors – walk or ride your ride into your Asgard.
-Full metal base included – giving strength and security.
-A wooden subfloor – protects the integral metal base is also available as an additional extra.
-Thick, galvanised all metal panel construction – with a 10 year anti perforation guarantee.
-Drilled ready to accept our Asgard extra strong shelves, our extra strong hook packs and eyelets.
-All exposed screw ends are hidden – no dangerous edges inside an Asgard shed.

Asgard Metal Security Shed – Gladiator Plus 1 – 7×11



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Asgard Metal Security Shed – Gladiator Plus 1 – 7×11

The Gladiator Plus 1 is one of our largest “off the shelf” metalsheds giving you flexible, multi-use outdoor storage for even your very large items of garden or play equipment.  As with all our high quality steel products, the Gladiator Plus 1 is built from very thick gauge, galvanised (weather proof) steel panels.  At over 3 metres long and 68 stone in weight the Gladiator Plus 1 features a built-in metal floor and large double door access, all helping to prevent forced entry.

The Gladiator Plus 1 is an exceptionally large metal garden shed, tough and secure enough for even your most valuable items. To protect your stored items from the risk of theft, this extra-large metal shed is fitted with a very tough 5-point locking system with a superb pick and drill resistant lock and a set of internal dead bolts.  A heavy duty integral metal floor can be bolted to the ground using the supplied fixing kit and the reinforced hinges and panels further enhance over all security. With so many security features, this extra-large metal shed provides professional level defence for your stored items.

Hidden inside the roof of the Gladiator Plus you will find our unique shed ventilation system – designed to keep the air flowing inside the unit, even when the doors are shut – helping to keep condensation down to a minimum. 

As with all of our high quality metal storage the Gladiator Plus 1 comes with a free 10-Year Warranty as standard.




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Professional Installations are available. Prices shown are for installation of the unit upon an existing base. We recommend that all Asgard storage sheds are situated on a firm, flat, level base. Ideally this should be 50mm concrete, tarmac or  on flagstones (patio). You will notice all of the products on this website site have a “base size” this is the minimum level base size we feel is appropriate for each product. a firm, flat base will ensure doors open cleanly and will make assembly of the units much easier.

Installations are typically within 5 weeks from order. Should you wish to have an install in the selected PINK areas please call us for a quote.

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