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Lifetime outdoor plastic storage sheds are built to last! Lifetime storage sheds are a practical alternative to traditional timber sheds, and from a manufacturer who is becoming increasingly popular. Being made primarily of high-density polyethylene, they’re very durable and reliable, and they can be found in styles and sizes to suit just about anybody.

All Lifetime Heavy Duty Sheds and Storage Boxes are fully recycleable!

  • HDPE is much stronger and durable than vinyl
  • HDPE will not crack, chip, or shatter
  • Vinyl turns weak and brittle, especially in temperature changes
  • HDPE is UV-protected and will not warp or change in extreme sunlight
  • Over time vinyl can put off toxic gases into the air, ground, and water
  • HDPE is completely recyclable and “eco-friendly” 

Check out our extensive range of durable plastic garden sheds ideal for garden storage.