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Discover our huge range of Metal Sheds at SM GARDEN SHEDS. We offer all types of garden sheds from Apex to Pents, Lean-To to Bin stores we have them all. Sheds made from metal provide practical, robust and secure metal storage, perfect for storing your garden equipment.

Made from thick galvanised steel, these metal garden stores are weatherproof. Meaning you don’t have to worry about weather damage, when your belongings are safe and secure inside your steel-made garden shed.

With at least a 10 year manufacturers guarantee a steel shed is a reliable, long lasting storage solution.

If you’re looking for top quality sheds, then you’re not alone. We have a good selection of all types of sheds to suit most requirements. Our range of high quality galvanised steel sheds are available in a choice of brands, colours and sizes and all offer high specification secure storage solutions for any garden. This incredibly diverse collection offers fantastic quality metal sheds from top brands such as LOTUSSAPPHIRE, AND FALCON at cheap online prices.

We also offer free delivery throughout the UK on all of our products subject to terms and conditions on certain products and in certain locations. With decades of experience in the garden storage sector we can offer you all of the advice and help that you require to make an informed decision on your next purchase. Contact SM Garden Sheds today on 0161 494 1371. One of our friendly team is always on hand to offer support and advice.

The Best Quality Metal Garden Sheds On The Market

Metal Sheds

High Quality, Low Maintenance Steel Garden Sheds

Metal Sheds by SM Garden is the best place to buy the best metal garden sheds. We are the most experienced and have been involved in this particular market for over 40 years. Knowledge has been passed from one experienced operator to their successor and over that period two different owners whose background has been in manufacturing have managed the business. This foundation has been vital for us to be able to undertake meaningful and thorough research into any products that attract our attention. We visit the factories and have the direct dialogue required to send customers’ feedback to refine production and ensure retention of our top quality status.

De-Specing The Metal Shed Down to a Price

It may be a source of some curiosity as to how, over many years, some retailers have been able to offer what seems to be the same article without significant increase in price. The major factor is that specifications have been downgraded to the point that ‘de-specing’ has become commonplace. Too many of the ‘professional’ buyers who represent some of the largest retailers, who are themselves under pressure not to allow supplier price increases, believe they have done well by sourcing what, on paper, seems to be a good deal. Usually these deals lack the in-depth research required and in order to retain a margin, the manufacturer has taken some vital element away from the product.
Unsuspecting members of the public are misled into thinking they have a good deal when, in reality, their purchase will not stand up to any worthwhile guarantee. This is a common practice, for example, in the confectionery industry either by using inferior ingredients or reducing the size of say, a bar of chocolate!

Long Lasting Metal Outdoor Buildings

So it is in garden buildings across the spectrum. Timber used in traditional garden sheds is a fraction of the thickness of what was once considered to be the minimum required and the same the same with plastic and metal. Some of the poorest quality metal sheds sold today can be perforated with a sharp knife as the steel sheeting is so thin. In addition, it cannot be properly coated with a hot-dipped galvanised finish and quite simply, it will rust after a very short time.

This is why we have written on this website over so many years of the necessity to be careful to check the FULL specification, not just the detailed sizing. What thickness is the steel, how is it coated, what paint is used, how is it applied? How is the shed constructed and what materials are used? Can I see an instruction manual prior to purchase? How much care is taken by the retailer to inform potential customers of ground preparation? Who is the manufacturer? All of these questions are a guide to the integrity of the product as well as the source.

High Specification Steel Sheds in Range of Sizes & Choice of Colours

LOTUS light clad metal storage sheds, are the latest range offered by and it is the best around! The standard specification, already streets ahead of the rest, remains continually under review by the manufacturer and reaction to specific observations are noted, examined and acted upon to ensure that all models remain the best quality and the best value available. The model options, sizes and colours have expanded and now cover cushion boxes, storage options, sheds, garages and workshops. The steel sheeting is nearly double the thickness of the cheapest available and is hot-dipped galvanised to ensure resistance to elements in the air that cause rust. This is an absolute ‘must’.

SAPPHIRE light clad metal garden sheds have a very similar steel specification and supplements with additional sizes and the 12’ fronted OLYMPIAN GARAGE.

Heavy Duty Metal Storage Sheds & Outdoor Boxes

FALCON HEAVY DUTY METAL PRODUCTS are a different kind of number 1. This is the top choice for value and top quality heavy gauge steel garden storage products, which introduces precise hand pressed engineering accompanied by top styling. It can be argued that this range, from storage boxes up to larger buildings, is the finest product of its type manufactured anywhere in the world. By observing more traditional manufacturers, new production techniques have been developed to produce these fine products offering far better value.

Following the well known principle of ‘you get what you pay for’, with SM Garden Sheds, you get far more!