Power Timber Pent Bicycle Shed



  • High Grade T&G Scandinavian Timber including roof and floor
  • Modular shed with all fixings, instructions and galvanised ironmongery included
  • Double size heavy duty framing on walls and at corners
  • Diagonal framing on walls and door for extra strength and longevity
  • 16mm nominal (12mm finish) tongue & groove roof, walls & floor
  • Long-lasting Golden Oak preservative treatment (inside & out)
  • 3x zinc galvanized T-hinges on each door
  • Pre-fitted internal lock with key (no padlock required)
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Power Timber Pent Bicycle Shed
The Power Pent  Bike Shed is the most advanced in the industry. An innovative design provides quality and security This UK-manufactured shed is made using high-grade Scandinavian timber, featuring tongue and groove walls, floor and roof!

The Power® Pent Bike Shed comes with heavy-duty framing, non-tear roofing felt, extra high wall height, and a 10-year guarantee as standard. This fantastic bike shed is available in 5 popular sizes, all with double door.

All sheds are constructed using high-quality, slow-growing Scandinavian Pine with 16mm nominal (12mm finished) tongue and groove timber, on the roof, walls AND floor. Please note that NO chipboard, OSB or low-grade timber is used in the construction of this building.

Power® Sheds supplied pre-treated with an Eco-friendly Golden Oak preservative basecoat (inside & outside) at no extra charge.

Heavy, smoothed, rounded and planed framing (44x28mm) has been used internally, and is doubled throughout the shed and at the corners for extra strength. For security, a rim-lock c/w mortice key is fitted internally. Non-tear polyester roofing felt is supplied to keep the roof watertight.

This shed is supplied pre-treated with a quality, brown (golden oak), non-toxic preservative base coat. Each panel is treated inside and out (including end grain, tongues, grooves and cut-outs. This is a long-lasting preservative, allowing you to use the shed straight away. There is no need to paint for the first year, but you can change the colour or over-paint at any time if you prefer.

About Power Sheds

Innovative Design

Expected life expectancy of over 25 years
An unprecedented leap in the garden shed industry. Meet the first modular garden building to combine cutting edge design with the legendary simplicity of a garden shed.
We have created the world’s most adaptable shed – you can put the doors and windows on any side, which you choose as you assemble the building. No other shed gives you as many options.
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Responsible & Sustainable Purchasing
We have a passion for high-quality slow grown timber with traceable and transparent sourcing:
We have high-quality standards from forest to sawmill to our factory;
We have a rigorous sourcing policy across our entire supply base, and our ambition is to make sure our products are manufactured with certified timber under a sustainable forest management scheme;
We are currently in the process of joining the FSC to certify our existing sustainability policy of purchasing timber only from managed forests.

Best of British Quality
Manufactured in Yorkshire
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Power® Bike Shed Framing  Walls Roof Floor External Size (excluding overhangs) (mm) Door Size (mm) Windows
APEX (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) Length Width Eaves Ridge Height Width Qty
6×2 62PPB 44×28 12 12 12 1902 624 1573 1634 1306 1496 0
6×3 63PPB 44×28 12 12 12 1902 914 1573 1634 1306 1496 0
6×4 64PPB 44×28 12 12 12 1902 1214 1573 1634 1306 1496 0
6×5 65PPB 44×28 12 12 12 1902 1514 1573 1634 1306 1496 0
6×6 66PPB 44×28 12 12 12 1902 1814 1573 1634 1306 1496 0