News Update


SM GARDENSHEDS has been keeping a close eye on the government’s recommendations regarding COVID-19.

We want to reassure you that we are following guidance from the Government, Public Health England, and the NHS as we deal with the ever-changing situation. Our general operations are continuing as normal and our helpful staff are still on hand to aid in any queries regarding orders, installation, or general enquiries. All SMGARDENSHEDS employees are aware of the precautions that need to be taken at the present time and are operating in accordance with Government guidelines. We will continue to update you as the situation develops or changes.

Visiting Our Offices

As global concern about the current COVID-19 outbreak grows, we’re doing our best to keep everyone healthy and safe in the workplace while also minimizing the disruptions to our day-to-day operations.

Should you wish to collect from our warehouse or visit our showroom please call us on 0161 464 0622 to arrange an appointment.

Under new government measures our company is now registered with the NHS TRACK and TRACE system. Everyone attending our premises other than staff will have to scan the QR code displayed at the entrances to our Building.

We understand how frustrating any delay in receiving your order can be and we hate being the bearers of bad news, however, we feel it is vital to be honest with our customers, even in instances where the delay is out of our control.

All of our outdoor storage buildings and products are imported globally, in particular from the United States, United Arab Emirates and China. The demand for products over the last few months has increased significantly and this has led to a shortage of shipping containers, a lack of available space on shipping vessels and ultimately resulting in the delayed arrival of many vessels arriving into Europe.

The impact of the above has been felt across the entire world’s supply chain and not just the garden buildings industry. Goods ready to be shipped from the factories are being delayed due to the global shortage of empty containers. Vessels that our goods were booked onto are limited in space, and then we must wait for the next available ship. The ports globally are congested with freight, extending the time it takes for the containers to be processed through the port resulting in port closures due to coping with the backlog.

Back in the UK, similar congestion is also occurring at the ports, and the vessels are often having to wait outside the port for much longer than usual before they can be unloaded. This congestion also means it takes us a lot longer to get the container cleared through the port and delivered to our warehouse.

Orders & Deliveries

Our partners across the country are working hard to fulfil your orders as quickly as possible. Below is a rundown of any delays or changes with our manufacturers.

Deliveries are mostly running as normal only with slightly extended delivery times that are normal for this time of year.

Below are the current delivery statuses for our partners below:

Lotus, Falcon, Globel, Lifetime, Rubbermaid, Sapphire, Saffron, Pantheon and Kingston Products

Delivery lead times is typically within 20 to 25 working days. However due to current conditions, demand and location this may be extended.

All installations are now available within 6 to 8 weeks of order.

Asgard Heavy Duty Sheds

Delivery lead times is typically within 12 to 14 weeks of order.

Parcel In The Attic

Parcel In The Attic Products is available online. Please note delivery will be within 2 to 3 weeks of ordering.

Gardeco Products

Deliveries will be 2 to 3 weeks from order or if Pre-Ordered 2 to 3 weeks AFTER the advertised date.

Woodlands Timber Products

Shire Timber Products shown on our website have a delivery lead time of typically within 9 weeks from order.

Installations are currently suspended.

La Hacienda

La Hacienda has a limited number of products that are available. Deliveries will be made within 10 working days (2 weeks from order)

Shire Timber Products

Shire Timber Products shown on our website have a delivery lead time of typically within 7 weeks from order.

Installations are possible and are advertised on the website.

Power Timber Products

The current lead time for all orders is currently 3 to 4 weeks.

Charles Taylor Products

The current lead time for all orders is currently 2 weeks.


The current lead time for all orders is currently 2 weeks.

Last Updated 17th January 2022