Lotus Minos Pent Aluminium Metal Shed

The Minos fits the archetype of a modern metal shed that keeps your possessions secure while being easy on the eye. The white finish, pent roof and edge skylights create the silhouette of a sleek building, but this only hides its durable build and functional features. With all metal galvanised to prevent rusting, and the ridged design of the panels which adds to their stability, there’s not much this metal shed can’t do!


  • Available in two sizes: 7 x 6ft / 9 x 8ft
  • Ultra-modern pent metal shed design
  • Attractive white-ash finish
  • All metal is hot-dipped galvanised to provide rust-resistance
  • Exterior steel panels with stability ridges and 0.4mm width
  • Zinc-steel internal frame with widths of 0.5-0.8mm
  • Accessible and windowless double doors
  • Top-edge skylights fill interior with natural light
  • In-built vents within the top skylight glazing
  • Square side window can be opened for natural ventilation
  • Backward pent roof drains water away from entrance-way
  • Optional water drainage pipe
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy the Minos Pent Metal Shed?

Trouble-free Maintenance
Trouble-free Maintenance

Effortless ownership ensures your storage remains hassle-free

Robust Strength
Robust Strength

With durable steel panels and internal frame

Skylight Delight
Skylight Delight

Abundant natural light with the edge skylights

Weatherproofed Excellence
Weatherproofed Excellence

Safeguards your belongings from the harshest elements

Key Features

Forged in Steel

Boasting cladding reinforced with hot-dipped galvanised steel frames, this design ensures unparalleled long-lasting protection against impacts and external forces

Safety in Every Swing

The Minos features pre-assembled double-layer hinged doors designed for convenience and security. Equipped with a built-in locking mechanism and included keys, these doors are for easy and reliable locking

Light-filled Interior

Natural light is always available with the skylight and a versatile, openable window. The skylight bathes the interior in natural light. Plus, the polycarbonate window offers flexibility — easily opening for ventilation

Keeping Water Woes at Bay

Integrated water gutters are included as standard to collect and direct rainwater away from the roof. It prevents water damage, guaranteeing a dry and protective interior, even during heavy rainfall

Fortified Against the Storm

Built from hot-dipped galvanised steel panels for a fully weatherproof exterior. Resistant to water and UV rays, this design not only maintains the shed’s pristine condition but also minimises maintenance

In-built Ventilation

The horizontal slat vents provide continuous airflow to prevent moisture buildup and condensation. On warmer days, enhance ventilation further with the openable polycarbonate side window

Frequently Asked Questions


Since the Centro II has an eaves height shorter than 2.5m, you should not require planning permission to install it in your garden. However, this is not the case if it takes up more than 50% of the space in your garden or you’re installing it past the front wall of your garden. Some planning rules do vary from council to council, so if in doubt check with your local council before purchasing.
The cladding for this metal shed is made from hot-dipped galvanized steel panels. Hot-dip galvanisation is a process that cleans the steel and covers it in a thick layer of zinc. The zinc forms a protective coating around the metal which is waterproof and helps the steel stay strong for longer, dramatically slowing the rusting and corrosion process to 1/30th of the speed!
There are several advantages of metal sheds: They provide superb security: Metal sheds can provide extra protection against thieves, due to featuring reinforced hinges which assist in preventing forced entry. Similarly, the doors and walls offer thick, steel panels which cannot be easily broken into. They’re maintenance-free: The amount of time spent on maintaining a metal shed is almost non-existent. Courtesy of galvanised steel, the metal is protected from the elements, preventing the formation of rust. They’re very affordable: Metal sheds represent a cheaper option than the wooden alternative. So, if space is most important to you, then a metal shed offers a sizable garden storage option that won’t break the bank.
Steel is a fantastic material for garden buildings thanks to its lightweight nature and durability. The lightweight nature of steel makes it easy to transport and build with, while its durability means buildings last longer than other materials. Plus, all steel can be recycled and is energy-efficient to create, meaning it’s better for the environment!
Though a base isn’t necessarily as important for a metal shed as it would be for a wooden alternative, having your metal shed sat on a base can still provide a whole host of benefits. While a base isn’t needed to prevent rotting or rust over time, good foundations can prevent your shed from sinking into the ground. Moreover, if your lawn isn’t level, building a shed of any material on top of it can lead to major issues concerning structural integrity in the future - something which a base can comfortably tackle. This building includes a foundation kit to provide a solid base for your shed and increase its structural stability.
Yes, it comes with comprehensive and straightforward step-by-step instructions to make the building process enjoyable and stress-free. Easily assemble it with the help of a friend.
Your order can be tracked through the account section on our website or by contacting us directly. You will be contacted after your order by our helpful care team to arrange delivery of your building.

More About the Minos Aluminium Shed...

Introducing the Lotus Minos Pent Aluminium Metal Shed, a contemporary storage solution available in two sizes: 7 x 6ft and 9 x 8ft. Designed for the modern homeowner seeking style and functionality, this shed boasts an ultra-modern pent metal design that effortlessly blends into any outdoor space.

Durable All-Weather Construction

Built to withstand the elements, every inch of this shed is constructed with durability in mind. The exterior steel panels, with stability ridges and a 0.4mm width, have been hot-dipped galvanised, ensuring rust-resistance even in the harshest weather conditions. The zinc-steel internal frame, with widths from 0.5 to 0.8mm, adds robust support for long-lasting reliability.

Secure and Accessible Design

Featuring accessible and windowless double doors, the Minos provides ease of use while maintaining security. The top-edge skylights flood the interior with natural light, enhancing visibility and accessibility. In-built vents within the top skylight glazing promote air circulation, preventing condensation build-up and keeping your stored items in optimal condition.

Innovative Ventilation Features

Enjoy a breath of fresh air with the Minos's innovative ventilation features. A square side window can be opened to introduce natural ventilation, creating a pleasant atmosphere inside. The backward-pitched pent roof efficiently drains water away from the entrance, ensuring a dry interior even during heavy rainfall. For additional convenience, an optional water drainage pipe is available.

Sleek Aesthetics and Customization

The Minos doesn't just excel in functionality; it's also a visual delight. The attractive white-ash finish provides a clean and contemporary look, elevating your outdoor space. Customise your shed to suit your preferences with the option to include a water drainage pipe, tailoring the shed to meet your specific needs.

Dimensions 7x6 White 9x8 White
Width 211cm 275cm
Depth 147cm 211cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 191cm 192cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 223cm 221cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 106cm x 178cm 106cm x 178cm
Door Height 178cm 178cm
Door Width 106cm 106cm
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.