Lotus Curo Pent Plastic Shed

The Curo makes compact storage simple, sleek and easy. The modern design with edge skylights beneath the low-pitch pent roof and smooth exterior panels are easy on the eye, but beneath this is a robust and reliable shed. A strong interior metal frame ensures stability, while 10mm polypropylene panels - renowned for their durability and impact strength, create a shell that is waterproof and UV-protected.


  • Available in two sizes: 4x4ft / 4x6ft
  • Thick 10mm polypropylene panels
  • Custom-built aluminium frame with different thicknesses
  • Accessible single door with latch and bolt
  • Small shed ideal for size-limited gardens
  • Top-edge skylights provide tons of natural light
  • Flat roof completes contemporary silhouette
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy the Curo Pent Plastic Cabinet Shed?

Hybrid Material
Hybrid Material

Fusion of plastic panels fortified by a metal frame

Lean & Mighty
Lean & Mighty

Pack power in a slim profile, offering strength and style

Assemble with Ease
Assemble with Ease

Designed for quick and simple assembly

Effortless Care
Effortless Care

Worry-free storage without the hassle of constant upkeep

More About the Curo Plastic Cabinet Storage Shed...

The Curo Plastic Shed is perfect for those seeking small storage that they can access in a pinch. The tall, slender design is perfect to come and go from and can be easily equipped with vertical storage. It manages this while keeping a sleek, modern profile thanks to its flat roof and contrasting ash and anthracite colour scheme.

Accessible Small Storage

If you need a handy place to put your gardening tools, plant pots and seed sachets, the York’s small, accessible design makes it ideal for storing small items. Get in and out naturally using the single door, and find what you need at a moment's notice with the bright interior afforded by all-around skylights. The vertical nature of the Curo shed means it is well-suited to shelving, which allows you to grab what you need and put it immediately to use!

Robust & Reliable

The Curo Shed isn’t just built to survive in inclement weather, it’s built to thrive. The design of this building is catered to resisting poor weather conditions and keeping what’s inside safe and sound.

An internal aluminium frame with varying column and support thicknesses to ensure the building has the support it needs, provides the Curo with a reliable backbone. This is supported by the weather and UV-resistant polypropylene panels which create its solid exterior. Finally, the in-built ventilation slats provide consistent, natural air circulation which is essential for preventing buildups of moisture and condensation.

Ensured Security

Keeping what you’ve stored safe is what the Curo is designed to do, and that means more than just keeping it dry. The single door is equipped as standard with a latch and bolt system which, when equipped with a simple padlock, keeps your items protected from intruders. Prying eyes are also kept at bay thanks to the raised skylights, inaccessible from ground level while still allowing natural light inside.

Dimensions 4x4 Grey 4x6 Grey
Width 121cm 121cm
Depth 121cm 180cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 196cm 196cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 74cm x 173cm 74cm x 173cm
Door Height 173cm 173cm
Door Width 74cm 74cm
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.