Lotus Canto Pent Plastic Shed

Equip your garden with plastic storage that keeps your goods safe and is easy on the eye with the Canto Plastic Shed. With built-in ventilation, top-edge skylights that make the interior bright and usable, and a sleek pent roof design, the Canto hides its robustness and strength. A strong metal frame and modern plastic panels create a UV-resistant and waterproof exterior that you can rely on.


  • Available in two sizes: 6x6ft / 8x6ft
  • Spacious, adaptable and well lit plastic shed
  • Exterior panels are 10mm polypropylene plastic
  • Dual-thickness interior aluminium frame
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant building
  • Wide-opening double doors with secure latch & bolt
  • Pitched pent roof provides directed drainage
  • In-built ventilation slats on the model
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy the Canto Pent Plastic Shed?

Hybrid Material
Hybrid Material

Fusion of plastic panels fortified by a metal frame

Robust Polypropylene Exterior
Robust Polypropylene Exterior

Durable 10mm polypropylene for lasting resilience

Defies Water and UV
Defies Water and UV

Water and UV resistance, withstanding the elements with ease

Easy Assembly
Easy Assembly

Makes the setup process a breeze for your convenience

More About the Canto Pent Plastic Store Shed...

Versatile storage is on hand with the Canto Pent Plastic Shed. A fully-adaptable storage solution, complete with functional skylights and a sleek pent roof, the Canto delivers adaptable storage that is easy to access, easy to maintain, and is the ideal complement for a modern garden.

Complete Garden Storage 

Built to help you organise your garden, tools, or equipment, the spacious and adaptable interior of the Canto proves itself up to the task for all types of storage jobs. Whether you need a protected place to put your lawnmower, racks and shelves for your garden and planting tools, or a place to stack up your outdoor chairs over the winter, the Canto’s interior is obstruction-free and built to handle the big as well as the small.

Durable Design

A shed is only as good as the protection it provides - which is what makes Canto especially impressive. Designed from the ground up to provide protection from the unreliable British weather, the shed includes features both inside and out that keep your possessions safe.

A strong, reliable outer shell is provided by the 10mm thick polypropylene panels, which are both weather and UV-resistant for year-round reliability. The exterior is reinforced by an aluminium frame, with thickened columns to provide sufficient support. Finally, the interior of the shed is kept equally safe thanks to the in-built ventilation slats that prevents condensation buildups.

Sleek and Secure

Rounding off the design of the Canto is the attractive finish and in-built security features. Faux-cladded panels emulate the look of a more traditional shape while taking on a modern grey colour scheme of ash and anthracite. This modern look is only enhanced by the pitched pent roof and raised skylights that provide natural light to the shed interior.

The raised skylights also help keep your possessions protected, with prying eyes kept safely away from being able to spy on the inside. An in-built latch and bolt system only requires a simple padlock to ensure whatever you’ve put inside remains safe and sound.

Dimensions 6x6 Grey 8x6 Grey
Width 180cm 228cm
Depth 180cm 180cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 215cm 215cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 123cm x 181cm 149cm x 181cm
Door Height 181cm 181cm
Door Width 123cm 149cm
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.