Metal Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings, Garden Storage, Maryport & Workington

SM GARDEN SHEDS have seen many exciting developments within the range of garden storage we offer, and we have succeeded in fine tuning the products we supply. We are extremely pleased to have become specialists in some of the most sought after high quality sheds and outdoor buildings on the market. It is a major priority of ours to select high performance, superior products for inclusion in our range. We ensure this by a system of careful sourcing, which considers the complete manufacturing process, and involves research trips to manufacturer locations at home or abroad.

The metal sheds we sell are suitable for a wide variety of functions, such as storage for lawnmowers, electric tools, builders materials, outdoor toys, garden furniture, cycles, motorbikes and mobility scooters. The LOTUS 8x6 light clad metal shed is ideal for the storage of mobility scooters in particular, due to its excellent features and competitive price. This outdoor storage building has an integral floor making it a simple and hassle free process to park or drive the scooter out of the unit without the need for ramps. Its effective ventilation system is designed to protect against condensation, which is another important aspect of electrical or metal item storage.

Heavy Gauge Steel Sheds, High Quality Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Sheds, Storage Boxes, Whitehaven, Cumbria

At SM Garden Sheds, we actively monitor the quality of the storage buildings included in our range, to ensure optimum functionality and customer satisfaction. Products vary in popularity over the years which also informs our decisions about what to stock. We are ever vigilant and aware of improvements and developments within the industry, and as a result will be adding two new heavy gauge metal sheds to our collection. The Biohort Highboard, is constructed from heavy gauge, hot dipped galvanised powder coated steel. Totally waterproof this precision built outdoor unit has a powder coated aluminium lid with gas lift attachment. It is ultimately versatile and can be used either as a metal storage building, or an outdoor storage kitchen to keep your barbecue and cookery equipment clean and dry. This unit has the well loved metallic grey used for some of their other sheds and storage boxes.

Customers might like the stylish Biohort Lounge box in dark grey or metallic silver, which also has an aluminium gas lift lid and enhanced features like invisible integrated ventilation. The robust reinforced lid allows this box to be used as extra seating and it comes complete with a 20 year manufacturers warranty.

Roman Forts & Fletcher Christian of 'Mutiny on The Bounty' fame in Maryport

credit Josue Armando Serrano

The town of Maryport was established in around AD 122 as an important Roman location, and acted as a supply and command base for the coastal defences at the extreme western end of Hadrian's Wall. It has been discovered that next to and partially underneath the remains of the Roman fort, which are fairly substantial, existed an earlier and larger fort. Maryport was named after the wife of the town developer, Humphrey Senhouse, in 1749. Being landowners, the Senhouse family set about developing the town and conducting excavations of its Roman past.

One of Maryport's notable residents was Fletcher Christian of the famous mutiny at sea in 1789, an event which inspired the Hollywood movie, 'Mutiny on the Bounty'. The captain of HMS Bounty was William Bligh, who displayed such a tyrannical nature during a voyage to Tahiti for breadfruit plants, that Christian led a mutiny amongst the crew.

Uppies & Downies in Workington & World Heritage Site, Saltom Pit in Whitehaven

credit Josue Armando Serrano

A traditional version of football known as Uppies and Downies, originated in the Cumbrian town of Workington. This game is thought to have been played in the medieval times or earlier, and is to this day played as a means of raising funds for charity. Over £75,000 has been raised by these matches to benefit local charities since 2001. Tradition dictates that only three of the dated, hand made balls are produced each year. They are made from four pieces of cow leather measuring 21 inches in circumference, and are around 2 and a half pounds in weight each. Participating players in the matches come from Workington, Maryport and Whitehaven.

Among Whitehaven's claims to fame are the fact that the town was the third largest in the UK with extensive international trade links. The Grandmother of the first president of the United States, George Washington lies buried at St Nichola's Church. Whitehaven was used as a template in the mid 18th century for the expansion of New York. Saltom Pit was the first mine in the UK to source and extract coal from under the sea, it was worked until 1848. The remains of Saltom Pit are now a world heritage site, and visitors can enjoy evidence of the horse gin, shaft, stable, boiler house and chimney, winding engine house, cottages, cartroads and retaining walls which all survive in situ.

Metal Sheds & Outdoor Storage Buildings, Garden Storage, Maryport & Workington. Heavy Gauge Steel Sheds, High Quality Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Sheds, Storage Boxes, Whitehaven, Cumbria. Roman Forts & Fletcher Christian of 'Mutiny on The Bounty' fame in Maryport. Uppies & Downies in Workington & World Heritage Site, Saltom Pit in Whitehaven

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