La Hacienda Circles Clay Chimenea

La Hacienda- Circles Clay Chimenea with Grill Small


  • Features a chrome-plated cooking grill and a base log grate
  • Includes solid 4 legged stand and rain lid
  • Burns wood or charcoal and is easy to clean/empty
  • Lava Rocks can be used with the chimenea
  • Care and use instructions supplied
  • We recommend coating your chimenea with Chimseal for longer life
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

This BBQ Chimenea is a perfect addition to any garden or patio, allowing you to extend those summer days outdoors in comfort and style. As well as providing warmth and light, you can use it as a BBQ to cook on. 

The chimenea is handmade using traditional methods and has a distinctive pattern on the lower bowl and flue. The top half of the chiminea is easily removed to reveal a handy grill for cooking your favourite BBQ food.

The height of the chiminea and the stand from floor to top of the rain lid is 75cm, approximately 38cm in diameter.  The stand itself is 25cm approx. Includes a metal stand and a rain lid.

Please note that as this is a handmade clay product, it may be subject to natural weathering and some colour changes. It is a great accessory for any garden or patio and one that is robust and will last for years.