Gorgeous Gardens

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Gorgeous Gardens

Comprehensive Range of High Quality Metal & Plastic Sheds, Workshops & Garages, Outdoor Storage Buildings

Although we get the majority of pleasure from our gardens during the summer, each season has its own beauty, and autumn in particular offers colourful visuals and a heady aroma. As the leaves coat the ground, with shades of golden yellow, terracotta and rich brown, we think about the seasons to come. You can still have variety and colour with blooms at this time of year with dahlias, winter pansies, mums and herbs. Trees and shrubs are often discounted at nurseries in Braintree at this time too, so you could potentially end up with some real bargains.

This dormant time provides an ideal opportunity to plan any landscaping changes for the following year. Thinking about changing the whole of your garden can be a little overwhelming, so consider it bit by bit. First things first, so start by tidying up your garden, clearing weeds, and cutting back overgrown shrubbery and bushes. If some plants have become leggy or unattractive, dig up and replace them. Begin near the house at the back door or patio, and work gradually outward into the garden.

Frost proof ceramic containers are a good investment, especially if they match or compliment the colour of your door. They can contain statement plants such as pretty dwarf conifers providing all year round colour or miniature climbing roses. Hydrangeas are also an excellent hardy choice or ornamental grasses which don’t care about the weather!

Decide on a colour theme for each area of your garden to create a beautiful tapestry, such as fiery reds and orange shades or cooler lavender, purple and burgundy tones. Bushes that produce bright red or vivid yellow berries add another vibrant splash of colour.

For serious landscaping projects in Harlow, Rhino Plant Hire have a range of high quality, well maintained gardening equipment available. This is an ideal way to carry out the exact job you want, without having to invest in tools you may not use again. The team at Rhino’s will advise and assist you with all aspects of your hire.

Steel & Vinyl Garden Storage Sheds, Children’s Play Equipment, Playhouses, Swings, Slides & Climbing Frames

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