Globel Lean-To Metal Shed

The Globel premium metal garden shed is a lean-to-shed manufactured from high-tensile, hot-dipped galvanised steel. The Globel is the result of two years of research and development, resulting in a strong, durable, and easy-to-build lean-to pent metal shed. Perfect for small, low-maintenance storage in small garden spaces.

Size measured in feet

2. Customise

Metal Foundation Grid

This metal foundation kit is a self-assembled framework formed with metal battens. Concrete is typically used for flooring the battens to make a concrete base. Once built, you can either fill it with concrete or add a wooden floor to sit on top of the metal frame. To limit condensation, a damp-proof membrane (plastic sheet material) should be placed before installing your shed/base.

Timber Base

A pressure-impregnated floor kit consists of pre-cut boards and battens assembled with the fixings supplied and offers a durable base to install your shed on. To limit condensation, a damp-proof membrane (plastic sheet material) should be placed before installing your shed/base.

3. Add optional extras

Discover our range of accessories that allow you to customise your garden building to the very last detail.


  • Highest specification lightweight metal garden shed
  • High grade 0.3mm steel and paint finish
  • Ventilated gables
  • Frame and base rails made from heavy gauge galvanised steel
  • Stable and well-balanced door opening
  • Slanted roof
  • Includes comprehensive instructions for assembly
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Globel Lean-To Metal Shed
The Globel premium garden shed is a Lean-To shed manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel. This product is the final result of two years of research and development by those who have been involved with light-clad metal sheds for many years. A combined effort has now produced a shed which is stronger, more durable and easier to build but remains in a traditional colour combination of Anthracite Grey. 

Globel sheds are perfect for caravan parks where non-combustible storage sheds are compulsory and will provide a rust-free, durable storage solution for a minimum warranty period of 15 years.

These products are the highest-specification lightweight metal garden sheds on the market. Not only do they have high-grade steel of 0.3mm and paint finish, but they also have ventilated gables and all standard buildings have the tallest wall height available. The frame and base rails are made from solid heavy gauge galvanised steel.

We have a wide range of sheds to fit your every need and this is just one of the many weather-resistant metal buildings we have to offer. Our range of metal sheds come in a range of sizes and ensure secure metal storage for your garden.

An enormous effort has gone into the preparation of the instruction manual to ensure that it is as ‘user friendly’ and as informative as possible. Our suppliers have had input and advice from many trusted sources ensuring that the assembly procedure is more of a pleasure than a chore!!

Nominal model sizes are based on the roof dimensions.

Please refer to the exact measurements for the precise building dimensions.

Full details on preparing a base for all buildings will be sent before the unit is delivered.



We can supply a Timber base or a Foundation Kit, which you can purchase with your product.

All metal shed bases should be constructed on level ground with a damp-proof membrane.

The timber base allows you to construct a wooden floor, using the instructions provided, place it on your level ground over your damp-proof membrane and attach the shed to it. This is a quick, simple and cost-effective solution to a garden shed base.

Globel Lean-to Specifications 

Type External Base
External Roof
Height cm
Height cm
Door Opening Weight
of Cartons
Globel Lean– To 4′ x 6′ 113cm x 171cm 124cm x 180cm 178cm 198cm 172cm x 67cm 53Kg 1
Globel Lean– To 4′ x 8′ 113cm x 234cm 124cm x 242cm 178cm 198cm 172cm x 67cm 66Kg 2
Globel Lean– To 5′ x 8′ 144cm x 234cm 155cm x 242cm 178cm 203cm 172cm x 67cm 70Kg 2
Dimensions 4x6 4x8 5x8
Width 113cm 113cm 155cm
Depth 171cm 234cm 234cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 198cm 198cm 180cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 178cm 178cm 204cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 172cm x 67cm
Features 4x6 4x8 5x8
Material Metal Metal Metal
Roof Style Pent Pent Pent
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.