Globel 10" Metal Double Hinged Workshop


Overall Dimensions (Includes Overhang)

The Globel garage range offers maximum room, at an affordable price, so if durability and affordability are both high on your list, this metal building is ideal.

With its wide double-hinged doors, the Lotus by Globel Metal Garage is a great way to protect your boat, car or machinery from the elements, or alternatively as a good-sized workshop or entertainment area for when the weather turns sour. The garages are low maintenance and come complete with a 15-year guarantee ensuring complete peace of mind. Produced using a fully galvanized steel framework, it is practical and easy to assemble and sturdy enough to provide good protection.

Manufactured from high tensile, 0.3mm hot-dipped galvanised steel throughout and finished with five coats of paint, this metal shed is weather resistant. It's the perfect place for storing your garden equipment like garden tools and garden clutter.

It's preferable to build your metal shed onto a concrete base or paving slabs, this ensures the outdoor building is stable and sturdy during and after assembly. Metal sheds are becoming increasingly popular amongst garden owners, often more popular than plastic sheds and wooden sheds. Apex roof metal sheds are perfect if height is important to you since there's an extra bit of height at the peak of the roof. Often, these will reach up to 7ft tall.

The lockable doors ensure all of your garden equipment is kept safe in our wide range of metal sheds. Metal garden sheds are growing ever popular amongst garden owners since they're stable, sturdy and durable, plus, they come in a wide range of sizes!