Lotus 8′ X 6′ Metal Apex Mobility Shed
The Lotus by Globel 8×6 Double Hinged Mobility Scooter Store is an apex roof shed manufactured from high tensile, hot-dipped galvanised steel throughout. This product is the final result of two years of research and development by those who have been involved with light clad metal sheds for many years. A combined effort between a factory with brand new steel roll forming equipment and a research team has now produced a shed which is stronger, more durable, and easier to build but remains in an attractive, modern colour. This is, quite simply, a revolutionary development in the category of light-clad metal sheds at a price that presents the best value available.

The Lotus by Globel 8×6 Double Hinged Mobility Scooter Store is large, all-metal storage shed designed to provide the ideal storage solution for mobility scooters. The shed is built from hot dipped steel galavanised panels, to keep the bad weather out. This mobility scooter storage shed is ideal for storing not just your valuable scooters but anything else you could possibly think of.

The Lotus by Globel 8×6 Double Hinged Mobility Scooter Store comes with our 15-year warranty as standard, giving you long-lasting and durable storage.

Lotus sheds are perfect for caravan parks where non-combustible storage sheds are compulsory and will provide a rust-free, durable storage solution for a minimum warranty period of 15 years. These products are the highest specification lightweight metal garden sheds on the market. Apart from the high grade of 0.3 steel and paint finish, they have ventilated gables, and all standard buildings have the tallest wall height available. The frame and base rails are made from solid heavy gauge galvanised steel, and the parts and their fixings are simple and straightforward to assemble in the quickest possible time with a video guide available to demonstrate how simple this procedure is.

An enormous effort has gone into the preparation of the instruction manual to ensure that it is as ‘user friendly’ and as informative as possible. Much criticism is made by end users of assembly instructions across many ranges and models. These instructions have been addressed from a ‘blank piece of paper’ and our suppliers have sought input and advice from many trusted sources to enable them to compile a manual which is presented in such a way to ensure that the assembly procedure is more of a pleasure than a chore!


Nominal Size 8×6 Mobility
Roof Size 245 x 185cm
Base Size 234 x 175cm
Overall Height 198cm
Wall Height 178cm
Weight 75kg