How long have you been selling garden sheds?

SM Garden Sheds has been established since the early 1980’s offering a comprehensive range of garden sheds and storage products.

Do you manufacture your products?

Given the large scale of our business, carefully grown over 30 years, we have established strong relationships with worldwide manufacturers of high quality sheds and garden storage equipment. We collaborate with our suppliers in the design of new models as well as modifications of existing models. We are an important UK supplier to many retailers, garden centres and online stores.

Do you provide a manufacturer’s warranty with your products?

All of our garden sheds are manufactured from the best materials available within each category, carrying up to a 20 year non-perforation warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

Each Warranty is slightly different. The timber sheds SM garden sheds offer are supported by an anti-rot manufacturer’s guarantee, whereas the steel products are supported by manufacturers non-perforation rust warranties. We fully support all warranties issued by are manufacturers with the provision of advice and, if necessary, spare parts.

Have you thoroughly tested the products on your website before offering them for sale?

Each Garden shed offered through our website has been tested to destruction levels by our trusted manufacturers. These tests involve extreme weather, for example, a snow-load roof test or a wind strength test to make sure each model is more than suitable for the changes in the UK’s weather.

Do you have a showroom?

We have an indoor and outdoor show site in Stockport, which can provide all customers with the opportunity to view the construction of selected metal and plastic buildings, before making a purchase. We also have other show sites throughout the UK for customers to visit. To find out more, call our offices on 0845 601 6299 to arrange an appointment.

If I am not near your show sites, how do I view your products?

You can see our products on our website or request an information pack with full details on any of our products.

Does the shed come with a floor?

All our Sheds offer a type of flooring option. This can be a foundation kit, timber floor or plastic floor. Some items have these included as standard and some are an optional extra. If you are unsure on what is included with any product before purchase, our staff are more than happy to answer your enquiry.

Do I require planning permission for my building?

Most of our buildings do not require any planning permission as they are removable buildings. However, if you are unsure due to the size or location, you can simply contact your local planning department for further details.

Do you assemble the products?

Most of our products require a degree of DIY skill with an adequate toolbox. Customers can assemble the shed themselves or we are happy to install any of our sheds for our customers.

What help is available if I wish to do my own installation?

The expertise within SM Garden Sheds means that you have direct access to first hand technical knowledge from a highly qualified team in our customer service department.

How can I be sure the building will fit where I want it to be placed?

Each product page has all the measurements you require, to ensure your garden products will fit in the area you require under the additional information tab. It is essential that both the base and roof dimensions are taken into account when considering your purchase as one is often larger than the other.