Saffron Durabox 416 Litre Plastic Storage Box

Equip your garden with spacious, reliable storage with this Durabox Storage Box with an impressive 416 Litres of space. Perfect for toys, tools, cushions and more, this plastic store comes in a sleek grey with a stylish woodgrain finish that won’t rust or rot. Strong and secure, it can even double as a bench for additional outdoor seating!

Durabox 416L Storage Box


  • Unique woodgrain exterior and grey finish.
  • Spacious 416 litres of internal storage.
  • Easy-opening lid with hydraulic pistons.
  • Fully weatherproof and resistant to insects, rust, rot and mildew.
  • Designed to double as bench seating.
  • Maximum internal load of 50 kg. Maximum load on lid 220 kg.
  • Integrated side handles make moving the Durabox easy.
  • Store tools, toys, furniture and more both inside and out.
  • 130cm (W) x 70cm (D) x 63cm (H).
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why Buy the Saffron DuraBox Plastic Storage Box?

Reliable Box Storage
Reliable Box Storage

Keep your belongings organised and secure

Versatile Functionality
Versatile Functionality

Effortlessly store tools, toys, furniture, and more

Doubles as Bench Seating
Doubles as Bench Seating

Designed to double as comfortable bench seating

Unyielding Protection
Unyielding Protection

Weatherproof and resistant to insects, rust, rot, and mildew

More About the DuraMax Cedargrain Durabox...

Get garden storage that is unbeatable for functionality with the Durabox Storage Box. Robust, secure, and with over 400 litres or 100 gallons of internal storage, this attractive woodgrain-finished box makes for fantastic storage. Better yet, the Durabox has the added versatility of being used as seating - making it the ideal fit for any garden, patio, balcony and more!

High-capacity Storage

Keep your garden or outdoor space neat and tidy thanks to the gratuitous storage provided by the Durabox Storage box. Providing 416 litres of internal storage with a maximum internal load of 50 kilograms, the Durabox is capable of storing heavy tools, all kinds of toys, cushions, folding chairs and more. 

Built to be Durable

No matter where you put your Durabox storage container, have peace of mind that it will keep your possessions safe with its fully weatherproof exterior. Built from modern, water-resistant plastic, this storage box shrugs off the worst weather and is impervious to rust, rot, mildew and insect infestation.

Attractive Design

Not only is the Durabox functional, but it also looks the part with its sleek exterior. Finished in a beautiful anthracite grey that complements modern and contemporary gardens, the box has a natural woodgrain outer layer which adds to its refined appearance. This Cedargrain look makes for a storage box that is the opposite of an eyesore!

A Lid to Rely On

It may look unsuspecting at first, but the lid of the Durabox is where this storage box takes things up to another level. Not only is it equipped with hydraulic pistons for effortless opening and closing, but when closed the top lid has a weight-bearing capacity of 220kg. This makes it easily able to hold the weight of two people, allowing it to be used as a bench.

Width 130cm
Depth 70cm
Height 63cm
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.