Changing Times…………for The Better!

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Changing Times…………for The Better!

High Quality, Value For Money Outdoor Storage

We close 2018 and look back on a turbulent year in many ways. We still do not know whether BREXIT will happen and how it will affect any of us!

The weather has hit extremes and has heavily affected the garden industry. Just as we were looking to see the back of a pretty bleak winter with an optimistic start to the season, we were hit in March by the ‘Beast from the East’ and by July after two months of high temperatures, it became too hot and many of our potential customers could not think beyond spending on cold drinks!
In addition, we have suffered some disruption in our supply chain. This is the lifeblood of our operation and as closely as we attempt to work and communicate with our partners around the world, there are events that occur which catch us completely by surprise.

For those who read these pages on a regular basis, you will know that we do not attempt to follow the herd but try to bring products to the market which exhibit points of positive difference. This view presents products which may not be the cheapest around but present the best ‘value’. So, when we have a ‘hiccup’, to find replacement products quickly is more difficult.

Changes in Shed Manufacture

It has been for many years that the retail industry has imposed such onerous terms on their suppliers that something has to give! This has usually resulted in manufacturers saving cost by introducing efficiencies into their operations AND also examining where they can reduce the cost of materials. If one wished to purchase a ‘value’ timber shed in a major DIY store 10 years ago the thickness of the timber panels and general quality would have been far better compared with doing the same today. There has been a drive to maintain a competitive edge which is completely driven by price. The end result is that the customer receives a lower grade product which ultimately will last for a shorter time, will not look as good, and the quality of the ‘buying experience’ will be reduced.

Exactly the same process has occurred with metal products as manufacturers old and new have ‘de-specced’ in the name of price. This has resulted in using thinner steel, sometimes only with an electro-galvanised coating which allows the steel to rust very quickly. Unfortunately, too many metal products have fallen into this trap.

Robust, Long Lasting Light Clad Steel Storage Buildings

The team at have become specialists in this particular category of metal sheds with over 40 years’ experience from the establishment of UK manufacturing to spreading across the world to find the best that is around. We have seen many changes and have fought against what has seemed to have been the inexorable decline in quality across the board.

BUT, are we seeing a reverse in trend at last? It is 5 years since we introduced the LOTUS shed to the UK having spent 2 years involved with a factory in research and development. We wished to bring our experience over such a long period to a product in which we had a say in its final quality and appearance. The same happened with like-minded organisations around the world which resulted in a range of light clad steel storage products which took the industry by storm. We enter 2019 with a new and larger facility, with new machinery in place which has again, introduced better features, including more ventilation (to reduce condensation) and hot dipped galvanised heavy gauge framing throughout.

Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Sheds

When we introduced this new concept in a traditional product in 2014, we believed that it would have an influence on the market. As sales increased around the world, other manufacturers were beginning to lose market share.

The Sapphire group of metal storage products was introduced early in 2018 using .30mm steel (.33mm finished) which has made a massive difference to already established models. This thickness of hot-dipped galvanised steel for cladding is now standard across all metal storage products from storage boxes to the OLYMPIAN garage which has, over some time, become a best seller.

Versatile and Attractive Range of Metal Garden Storage Products

The LOTUS and SAPPHIRE ranges of metal storage products present the most comprehensive choice of models and sizes to a level of quality which is setting a new benchmark of acceptability across many sectors of the retail gardening industry. Not only is there a vast range of sizes across the two ranges, they are sold with different wall heights from as low as 122cms up to 2 metres.

The LOTUS range has a distinctive identity – The range is now offered going forward in SOLID COLOURS (with no cream trim). The colour range will be extended to include HERITAGE GREEN, ANTHRACITE and now, ALUMINIUM WHITE (arriving in January 2019.)

The SAPPHIRE range features a white trim also offering a distinctive appearance. The wall heights in this range are generally lower than the Lotus products, which may be suitable for many locations.

In these illustrations we point out many of the key features which distinguish these similar products from many of ‘the rest’.

Are we seeing a change in trend or this an exception? We shall see but whatever happens to the rest, these remain the best!

High Quality, Value For Money Outdoor Storage, Robust, Long Lasting Light Clad Steel Storage Buildings. Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Garden Sheds, Versatile and Attractive Range of Metal Garden Storage Products