Harvester 8x12ft Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Easy to access with sliding double doors, the Harvester Metal Greenhouse is great addition to any garden. Constructed with a rigid aluminium frame and polycarbonate sheeting that spreads heat and light evenly through the interior, the design of the Harvester and it's crouch-free inside space makes growing easy. Keeping the greenhouse at the optimum temperature is simple with the large windows and adjustable roof vents, and it also includes a galvanized steel base for straightforward construction and installation.



  • Central sliding double doors
  • Rust-free aluminium framing
  • Galvanised steel base included
  • Solid twin-wall polycarbonate glazing
  • Two opening roof vents
  • Tall, crouch-free interior space
Overall Dimensions (Includes Roof Overhang)

Why buy the Harvester Greenhouse?

BillyOh<br/> Quality

Ensuring the expert quality in every purchase.

Tough<br/> Aluminium Framing
Aluminium Framing

A strong and solid frame for your greenhouse.

Extra<br/> Head-Height

Crouch free design, giving you the ultimate space.

Double<br/> Sliding Door
Sliding Door

For ease of access into the greenhouse.

Key Features

Tough Aluminium Framing

Strong framing gives a strong overall structure to your greenhouse.

Opening Roof Vents

Opening roof vents give great air circulation throughout the year.

Twin-wall Polycarbonate

The glazing diffuses sunlight and spreads it around the interior, protecting your plants from excessive heat.

Shatterproof Glazing

Improving the structural durability and strength of your greenhouse.

Base Included

Galvanised steel base is included as standard to give a strong base to the building.

Panoramic Windows

Allows light to reach the interior throughout the day to get the most out of the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • All around polycarbonate glazing

  • Rust free metal framing

  • Built in guttering

  • Galvanised steel base

  • All fixtures and fittings

  • Comprehensive assembly instructions

Yes! This greenhouse includes a strong, galvanised steel base, to give your greenhouse the perfect foundation that will resist rust and keep your building sturdy for years to come.
Yes, a great feature of the Harvester Greenhouse is the Adjustable Roof Vents installed on the roof. The opening roof vents allow you to better control the ventilation and air circulation inside your greenhouse, helping you to effectively grow your plants. The vents also allows you to regulate the temperature, so you can prevent overheating and help your plants to cultivate healthily.
The roof and windows of the greenhouse are built with twin wall polycarbonate sheeting, a durable and strong plastic, with two layers for added durability and insulation. Polycarbonate glazing is stronger than traditional glass, so you will not need to worry about it easily shattering and requiring replacement. The polycarbonate sheets allow natural lighting into the inside and allows enough heat for the plants to grow, so you can achieve the best growing results from your own garden!

Integrated Guttering - To effectively move water away from the entrance of the building.

Sliding Door - This will help to prevent the door from slamming in harsh weather.

Roof Vent - This helps to regulate temperature and air flow to your plants.

Rust Free Framing - Aluminium framing gives peace of mind when it comes to rust.

If the building is shorter than 2.5m tall you should not require planning permission, (unless it’s more than 50% of your garden or to be put in your front garden). Planning permission rules can vary by area so we would strongly recommend checking your local council rules before ordering from us.
We do not offer an installation service on any of our buildings, our buildings are designed & made to be easy and simple to assemble. Using the assembly instruction included and with a team of just 2 people and a bit of DIY knowledge you can expect to have your BillyOh building up within a day, or as little as 3-4 hours with some of our smaller buildings.
Your order can be tracked through the account section on our website or by contacting us directly. You will be contacted after your order by our helpful care team to arrange delivery of your building.

More About the BillyOh Harvester Walk-In Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse

The BillyOh Harvester Aluminium Polycarbonate Greenhouse is robust, reliable, and effective, with a traditional greenhouse aesthetic that catches the eye while ensuring your plants are warm! As with all our greenhouse range, this greenhouse is designed to do the job sustainably all while fitting with a modern garden aesthetic. The Harvester provides the ideal conditions and protection from the elements for your plants - a great-looking, efficient product at an affordable price!

Harvester Metal Greenhouse Features

The Harvester comes with a number of great accessories designed to make it look great and stay strong throughout its life. These features make it even more efficient at making your fruits, vegetables and flowers comfy! With the insulation and weather protection provided by this product, you can grow just about anything you like - whether that's tropical plants or just colourful summer flowers!

Keep reading to explore all the details of the BillyOh Harvester's fantastic features.

Aluminium framing

The Harvester Greenhouse is constructed from an aluminium frame, with a coat of traditional green paint to give it that classic greenhouse look. This gives you a superb look without the use of paint, as is used on wooden greenhouses. The aluminium metal framing is structurally strong and weather-resistant, keeping your plants safe all year round - whatever the weather.

The Harvester is also designed with extra head height, making it a crouch-free design. With this extra space, you won't have to bend over when coming in or out of your hobby greenhouse.

Galvanised steel base

As with all our great range of metal greenhouses, the harvester is equipped with a super-strong galvanised steel base. This base is resistant to rust and water, meaning it will stay stronger for longer - giving you real value for money!

Polycarbonate glazing

Instead of traditional horticultural glass panels, which are easily susceptible to damage, our metal greenhouses use double-layered polycarbonate glazing.  Polycarbonate sheets are shatterproof and are glazed to spread the natural light around effectively while protecting plants from excessive heat. The panoramic roof windows ensure you get enough sunlight all year round.

Polycarbonate panel sheets are both cheaper and safer than the classic glass material, giving you a better overall garden greenhouse. 

In-built roof vent

You can easily ventilate your greenhouse plants using the Harvester's in-built adjustable roof vent. The easy-to-use vent simply needs to be propped open to provide easy air flow and air circulation.

Sliding doors and metal guttering

The Harvester's sliding polycarbonate double doors are a fantastic space-saver, giving you easy walk-in, walk-out access to your plants and potting benches. You don't have to leave room for the door to swing open and close, giving you more outdoor space to do what you want with!

This product is also equipped with metal guttering, giving you effective water drainage from the moment it arrives! The roof overhang of the guttering is designed to be small and easy to reach, so you won't go through any pain trying to clean the gutter when the time comes!

Sensible Sizing

This greenhouse has been designed to fit perfectly in any greenhouse garden. The Harvester comes in at a nicely-sized 8x12 feet, giving you enough space inside for your plants and a walkway without taking up too much room. It stands at just over a comfortable 7ft tall, giving you lots of headroom indoors while still being short enough to avoid any planning permission regulations!

We have smaller sized metal greenhouses, and even compact lean-tos on offer too!

Quick Installation

All our products are designed for quick and easy installation once they arrive at your house. If you have any issues, feel free to contact our super customer support team. Either visit our website homepage and contact us there or give us a call at 01909 768840. You can also visit our blog and find all kinds of support and guides there, such as how to organise a greenhouse or the 5 best plants to grow in a greenhouse!

Garden Buildings Direct Free Delivery

This BillyOh Building, as with all others, is available to be delivered free and swiftly to most of the mainland UK. During the order process, you will be prompted to put in your delivery address. After we let you know if it's a valid postcode for free delivery, it'll be on your way and there before you know it! This product is also available to be purchased on finance.


Width 248cm
Depth 366cm
Width (Internal) 243cm
Depth (Internal) 361cm
Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 152cm
Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 226cm
Door Opening Size (w x h) 120cm x 171cm
Door Width 171cm
Door Height 120cm
Base Width 248cm
Base Depth 366cm
Height 226cm
Colour Green
Greenhouse Style Apex Greenhouse
Door Style Single Door
Roof Style Apex
Material Polycarbonate
Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.