Garden Storage Shed Accessories – Foundation Kits, Storage, Windows & Doors

SM Garden Sheds offer high quality, superior garden and garden storage products designed to meet high standards of lasting functionality, and smart appearance. There is a whole range of accessories to keep your shed neat and tidy and looking smart and well organised. Foundation kits designed for easy assembly and installation are available, providing a secure base for your shed. Extra windows and doors may be added for additional light and convenience with limitless shelving so that in your shed there is a place for everything.

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Shed Windows, Skylights & Shelving

Windows and skylights can be added to your shed for extra light when searching for tools, or equipment. They also help when working in the shed not only by making things easier to see but by allowing ventilation if using paints or other fume producing products. Plants can also be placed near a window or fruits for ripening.

A skylight replaces a roof panel and gives an open airy feel and lets in sunshine to brighten the interior. A large and varied selection of shelving is on offer with everything from corner shelf sets to galvanised steel adjustable height shelving. Good quality, strong storage shelves will hold both light items and heavy paint tins.

Timber Floors and Anchor Bolts

We are always asked by customers what is pressure treated or tanlised timber, and what are the benefits of using it over untreated timber? Well, let’s put it into laymen’s terms. Pressure treated timber is produced by forcing a chemical preservative into the wood. The timber is placed into a pressure treatment tank where the treatment is applied with pressure. This penetrates deep into the timber, which makes the timber more durable, and able to withstand damage and exposure to the elements and moisture. The treatment extends the lifespan of the wood, making it more cost effective in the long run over untreated timber. All SM GARDEN SHEDS timber floors are Pressure Treated ensuring you have the most cost effective timber floor for your garden shed.

All steel sheds must be anchored to a firm foundation to protect against wind damage. This base must be either a concrete or slab base with a damp proof membrane. The anchor kits supplied fits through pre-drilled holes in the base rail. The kit supplied complete with masonry drill bit. Used to secure a shed to an existing concrete or slab base. Screws are cross slot headed to enable removal later if required.

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Shed Bases & Installation

A firm and secure foundation is recommended when assembling your steel shed; preferably a concrete base followed by the laying of a foundation kit – You can find comprehensive instructions of how to do this by clicking this link.

The foundation kit will stabilise your new shed and protect it from storm damage or high winds. It can be used where there is uneven ground such as a lawn and once in place will provide peace of mind.

Your SM Garden Shed is manufactured and designed to be easily assembled by someone with appropriate DIY skills. Alternatively, customers can access our reliable installation service for a professional assembly.