8 Reasons your shed needs a Racking System

8 Reasons your shed needs a Racking System - SM Garden Sheds

8 Reasons your shed needs a Racking System

Easy to Assemble Racking Systems, Metal, Plastic & Timber Sheds and Outdoor Storage Buildings

Your garden shed, whether it’s a metal, plastic or wooden one may be the perfect answer to storing all kinds of items. Perfect for any garden related stuff like furniture, potting paraphernalia, DIY tools and materials and large outdoor toys. They also come in very useful where you have excess ‘things’ within the house that do not have a home, but which you want to keep. Heirlooms, treasured tea sets or maybe even that piece of antique furniture, you may love them but they all take up space. A shed is an ideal space for storing all of the above, but there is a way to get even more out of them. It’s frequently the case that everything stored in your shed will end up in a messy pile on the floor! If your shed does not have any shelves or a limited amount, there are excellent racking systems you can buy that will address most of your storage needs. Some of the benefits of investing in these systems are:-

They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes so are very customisable.
High performance racking systems are fast and easy to assemble without nuts and bolts, using key hole locking systems.
They are often adjustable so you can add more shelving where needed, or change the shelf heights.
They are extremely hard wearing, and good quality shelving systems feature scratch proof painted coatings.
Shelving units from names like Globel, are made from heavy duty steel, giving long term durability.
You can easily see what is stored on each shelf for ease of accessibility.
You can alter the shelf spacing enabling storage of larger, heavier items lower down and more delicate pieces higher up.
Racking systems mean no clutter on your shed floor to trip over, and a neat and tidy space to work in.

We have an excellent range of Racking systems to cover every need, that will be ready to use in no time at all. The Globel selection of superb shelving will have you spoilt for choice, and transform your shed making it functional and efficient.

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